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That’s a wrap on “WIZARDREAM”, my latest film. I have been hired to costume design this fantasy film and have been working on it since June 2013. We wrapped this month, and am honored to have worked with director John Carl Buechler, and actors Malcolm McDowell, Kayla Tabish, Josie Davis, and Nick Liam Heaney.

A real treat was working alongside John’s talented Makeup FX team. Collaborating with FX completes the total character design experience. This project so far has been the most satisfying film for me in terms of complete storytelling simply through costume. I designed and hand made all of the fantasy costumes, custom, by hand. While some pieces were sewn from design/concept to completion, others were rented and bought, while others were distressed, dyed, and deconstructed.

We filmed in the greater Los Angeles area, however you would never know based on a story including Wizards, Orcs, Witches, Elves, and Princesses.

I look forward to its estimated release in theaters in 2014.

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