I’ve had the luxury to have worked with Opal Moon Designs both as a model, a client, and a customer. I’ve modeled for the designer and owner Kerrie Kordowski for the past five years simply because I enjoy it. She is the best! She is the sweetest woman alive, with the greatest ideas. I know when I walk onto a photo shoot that it will be an adventure. And an added bonus: she only works with the utmost professionals, which is a relief let me tell you.

Then I got engaged last year. We had an Old Hollywood themed wedding and I wanted a dress to fit it, and fit me. I’m a bit curvy, so I was thinking one of those well draped, glam dresses would do the trick. First on my list was Kerrie and OM. I knew of how she draped her own designs and that was right up my alley. Little did I know she was already designing wedding dresses on the sly! She worked closely with me from design through pattern and fittings. The end result was a wedding dress that not only was a hit but also fit my body to a “T”. And I cannot thank her enough for it!


Meghan Ashley
(Los Angeles, CA USA) http://www.meghanashley.com/

My dear,

I received the beautiful black dress after arriving back from the playa last week…and it is amazing and fits perfectly! THANK YOU! It is perfection!


(Berkeley, CA USA) www.ariellah.com


Wow! It’s EXQUISITE! I’m so excited. I put your vest on and it made me feel transformed. So comfy…I wish I could wear it everyday, I accolade you! You are true designer for all women!

I’ve kept all of your business cards and when anyone asks where I bought my piece I will hand them your card.

Truly beautiful fashion. Even for 50 something’s.

Your Threads, do indeed, Transform the Spirit.

Thank you,

You are so inspired and I admire you so much.

I would actually love to collaborate with you.

You are magic,

Susan Lozeau
(Whittier, CA USA)

Kerrie thank you very much! I love your clothes! OpalMoon your designs makes you feel very special and from another world…


(Barcelona, Spain)

Dear Kerrie,


What I mean to say is, I love it! I love it all! The holster vest is PERFECT, as if it were tailored made just for lil’ ol’ me. The same goes for the pants. I don’t even need to have them hemmed, which is something I am rarely able to say. Add on the matching cream top and I feel like a princess ready to escape to her secret garden.

Thank you so much for your sharing your talent.



Dear Kerrie,

I‘ve received your silver siren ensemble today! I don‘t know where to start……this is the most amazing costume I‘ve ever seen!! It combines all the styles I LOVE! The hood looks totally oriental, like suitable for a desert princess, but it also reminds me of vintage style and art nouveau. The tunic and skirt do have a touch of an amazon or a warrior-queen, but with the tassels, they have a playful folklore-look too! And it‘s ULTRA feminine – hey, I mean, I look ten times more hourglassy than I am – but it does not reveal too much and you still look proud and powerful. It‘s such a feminine pattern without being too sexy or suggestive. And it‘s totally flattering for the figure, covering someproblematic areas and showing only the best sides! 😉

And due to the combination of so many terrific styles, this costume is soooo versatile for so many different performances and dancing styles! You can perform a vintage/20s – fusion as well as a dramatic sword dance – and a mystical slow-tempo tribal dance as well as a cheerful folklore…. the possibilities are endless!! That‘s totally awesome!! 🙂

You see, I cannot wait to wear this ensemble on stage!!! 🙂 I‘m totally amazed, enchanted and excited by this wonderful costume!!

I almost forgot: it‘s sooo comfortable to wear and I simply feel good while wearing it! I do have costumes whereby I‘m happy to take them off again – but wearing this costume just feels somehow…natural?? It combines lovely and eye-catching details with wearing comfort.

Needless to say, the fabric is far more beautiful than in my imagination and the quality is excellent. And I deeply fell in love with the coin trim detail on the hood… 🙂

Be sure I‘d like to take some photos for you soon – especially “in action“ during a performance 🙂

Thank you so much for this masterpiece of costume art! I hope I can send you beams of the joy I‘ll feel when dancing with this costume! 🙂

Enchanted greetings and best wishes,

Victoria Schönefeld
(Cologne, Germany)

Dear Kerrie,

Last Sunday I purchased one of your under-bust corset-hoodies and I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely LOVE it! I have only just begun to look at your pieces on your website but I wanted to sing you praises right off the bat.

I look forward to tonight when all is quiet in my house and I can spend some time salivating over your designs.

Be well,

Lauri Chambers

Eeeeee~ I’d seen this style of vest a long time back but hadn’t been able to justify grabbing one until last year. Both vests I received were well made and looked great but the second one definitely had more stretch to it without sacrificing the look or comfort. Plus, the fact it has deep, practical pockets that don’t detract for the look is a very nice touch~ I can’t wait to use it next time I go out.

Also, again, thank YOU very, very much. You were a pleasure to work with and you went above and beyond to help out and even were willing to replace the first vest. Will definitely keep you in mind for later stuff in the future~

Cheers and thanks,

(Edmonton, AB Canada)


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