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It was an honor to put my vision of OM: Spectrum into a short film format.

After 5 years of dreaming this vision into reality, (with many, MANY thanks for the support and technical advice of my friend, film colleague, co-director, cinematographer and editor, Terry Zumalt who graciously has never left my side), it is no longer a fantasy.

IT IS NOW VERY REAL, and I am very proud to share it online via Vimeo or YouTube.

Looking back over the past 10 years of OM, I’ve been showcasing my work via still photography primarily, and thanks to my colleagues, friends, and family, I am able to feature my work in a most precious cinematic work.

I hope this little glimpse into my world inspires the strength and beauty in YOU as you watch my heroine transform through the OM Spectrum.

I cannot thank you all of you enough who helped me create this work of art as an expression of my soul . Whether a part of my creative crew or as a faithful customer, for your continued support and love, I bow down to you , and honor you all.

Much Love and Gratitude,
Kerrie Kordowski


OM: SPECTRUM Cast & Crew:

Starring: Alexandra Mathews

Director/Producer/Costume Designer: Kerrie Kordowski 

Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Terry Zumalt 

Art Director: Cade Fall 

MakeUp Artist: Ashley Joy Beck

Hair Stylist: Destiny Ziarkowski 

Featuring Music by: TYCHO

Special Thanks to: Dollybird Jewelry

Shot entirely on location in Malibu, CA.

OM: “Threads to Transform Your Spirit”


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June 1st marks the release of the first fashion-art film by the designer herself: Kerrie Kordowski alongside cinematographer Terry Zumalt for Opal Moon Designs. We can’t wait to share the film with you, but until then, you can find a few more teasers below… Also be sure to browse our Instagram + FB page for updates, too!  We will be posting the 4 minute short film online to view via both Vimeo and/or YouTube.


Lady of the Lake 2

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 10.43.09 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 10.39.42 PM

Screen Shot 2015_Spring

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 10.40.49 PM


OM: SPECTRUM” Cast & Crew:

Starring: Alexandra Mathews 

Director/Producer/Costume Designer: Kerrie Kordowski 

 Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Terry Zumalt 

Art Director: Cade Fall 

MakeUp Artist: Ashley Joy Beck

Hair Stylist: Destiny Ziarkowski 

Featuring Music by: TYCHO



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I am happy to announce the beautiful trailer for the 1940’s period film: “Wish You Well” which I costume designed last fall is now released publicly:

WYW poster

Also CONGRATS to my production company, crew, and cast! “Wish You Well” is Official Selection at the Sedona International Film Festival in Arizona (as well as at the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis this year) and won the Audience Choice Award for Best Feature Film  Drama at the Sedona International Film Festival!

 “As filmmakers, this is the most meaningful award as the audience voted and felt that we were the best film at the festival.
We sold out our first screening Thursday and had over 300 people Saturday.  The film was given an additional screening after getting the award and that one had a packed house as well.  The audience response was amazing!…they laughed, they cried and they praised the film, the beautiful area, the cast, the cinematography, the design, the story and the heart.
A true testimony that we have a gem.”
~Sara Elizabeth Timmins, producer and owner of Life Out Loud Films, LLC

This film is my favorite costume design achievement so far, and I simply cannot wait until it is released theatrically. Since it is a 1940′s period piece, I was able to utilize all my design, construction, and fabrication skills all in one cohesive piece. Filmed in the fall of 2013, WYW greatly featured Virginia’s stunning landscape along with premiere production design by Virginia native, Jack Ryan. It was a pure pleasure to work with Jack along with being on location in VA for 3 months. Watching the leaves change from green to reds to browns was pure *heaven*.

“Wish You Well”, is also an adapted screenplay based on New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci’s novel.


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That’s a wrap on “WIZARDREAM”, my latest film. I have been hired to costume design this fantasy film and have been working on it since June 2013. We wrapped this month, and am honored to have worked with director John Carl Buechler, and actors Malcolm McDowell, Kayla Tabish, Josie Davis, and Nick Liam Heaney.

A real treat was working alongside John’s talented Makeup FX team. Collaborating with FX completes the total character design experience. This project so far has been the most satisfying film for me in terms of complete storytelling simply through costume. I designed and hand made all of the fantasy costumes, custom, by hand. While some pieces were sewn from design/concept to completion, others were rented and bought, while others were distressed, dyed, and deconstructed.

We filmed in the greater Los Angeles area, however you would never know based on a story including Wizards, Orcs, Witches, Elves, and Princesses.

I look forward to its estimated release in theaters in 2014.

For more info. on our story:


COSTUME DESIGN: “The Curse of Downers Grove” 4.4.2013 | Posted By: opalmoon @ 12:09 am Filed under: Costume, Events, Film

That’s a wrap on: “The Curse of Downers Grove”- my latest feature film. I’ve been hired to costume design this indie-thriller and have been working on it since February 2013. Many thanks to wonderful cast and crew, we wrapped late last night//early this morning and am grateful to have been invited to collaborate and create with another great group of industry professionals.

Directed by Derick Martini from a script he co-wrote with Bret Easton Ellis and adapted from Michael Hornburg’s novel, pic centers on a paranoid high school senior who is worried about an apparent curse that takes the life of one student every year at the school.

We filmed in the greater Los Angeles area, and I was happy to have worked with Tom Arnold again, opposite Bella Heathcote, Lucas Till and Kevin Zegers.

Estimated to release in theaters in 2014.

For more info. on our story, cast and crew:




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I’ve just been hired to costume design my next feature film, which is a 1940’s period piece. The title of the film is “Wish You Well”, is an adapted screenplay based on New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci’s novel.

We will be filming on location in the rural farmlands of Virginia from September to November 2012 this year. I am looking forward to working again with the outstanding production company: Life Out Loud Films.

I am excited to begin this journey into the past…you can follow us more here as our project gets underway:


Costume Design: HAWKEN 14.8.2012 | Posted By: opalmoon @ 7:42 pm Filed under: Costume, Film

My latest Costume Design work for the video game: Hawken is a multiplayer mech combat game releasing 12.12.12. The focus is on creating an intense and enjoyable battle experience that captures the feeling of piloting a heavy war machine while keeping the action fast-paced and strategic. It has a huge following so far and am super excited to have been chosen to costume design a series of 4 live-action trailers.

Check out the latest release video from our series:

Directed by Jeremiah O’Flaherty and Production Design by Allessandro Marvelli, along with super-talented CG/post production teams involved, combining our forces together have never looked as good in my opinion. We did a series of 4 videos, the first one one debuted at E3 this year in downtown Los Angeles. The second is linked above, and the remaining two are yet to post before the games launch in December.

To check out the Behind the Scenes footage of the making of:

Onwards and upwards, and looking forward to much more Sci-Fi work in my future!

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